2024 - Day Senior Center Program

​Growing old is not easy, but can be even more difficult for those in need who lack the resources necessary to age gracefully. Good Action Foundation recognized that the number of not attended elderly in El Salvador needed assistance, and established a day senior center that would cater to their needs.

At the moment we have a population of 35 elderly men and women. Unfortunately, 11 of them no longer come to the center because of their health. Nonetheless, they continue to care from their homes. Some volunteers help them bring some food prepared daily for them in the Day Senior Center. We know that there are many more elderly in the community, and we would like to be able to reach everyone, but we have some limitations. To some, we reach through their neighbors, to others we work through their family members.

We know that the reality of the elderly is very complex, and many more means are needed to provide them with better help. But we also believe that the solidarity of many does great things. That is why we thank you in advance for your generosity and support.

El Salvador