El Salvador

2020-2021 Providing COVID-19 emergency relief in El Salvador

​The situation in El Salvador is difficult, due to the reality of insecurity and violence, which has been increasingly worsen. This situation has consequences for the local population: displacement of families to other places by threats, migration, getting into debt, and mental health problems.

In the poor area called La Chacra, most of the population is engaged day by day in the street sale and domestic work. Added to this reality are the effects of the Covid 19 pandemic that has led families to greater poverty, along with the recent tropical storms Amanda and Cristobal who have hit the entire national territory and several families have lost their homes and all their belongings.

Good Action Foundation has helped in the face of this emergency providing the immediate needs: food baskets, clothing, mats, face masks, some medicines, personal hygiene, and cleaning supplies to disinfect the houses.